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French Bulldog

The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a lively and strong breed that originated in France. It is a very sturdy dog that can serve as a great companion. The French Bulldog, however, could be mistaken for the English Bulldog. Although these two breeds may be similar, they are two different breeds and are merely distant relatives. 

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Also known as the “Frenchie,” French Bulldogs were first bred in the 1800s in Nottingham by lace makers. The intentions were to breed a miniature version of the English Bulldog. By the mid-1800’s this breed arrived in France and has been popular since. French Bulldogs have climbed the charts in the dog world and were recently recognized as the second-most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom, and the fourth-most popular AKC-registered dog breed in the United States.

French Bulldogs are non-aggressive dogs who like to stay near their owner. They enjoy one on one time and will quickly show their loyalty. They have very stable personalities and easy-going demeanors. They do exceptionally well with children and other animals inside of the home. Although they do enjoy outdoor play time, they are just as happy resting alongside their family on the couch. There are not many dog breeds as loyal and caring as the French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog can be found to have a single-layer coat or a double-layer coat. The most common colors on a French Bulldog are white, cream, black, and fawn. They have short and easy-to-care-for hair which generally does not tangle or knot. A daily brushing will help keep his coat clean and neat looking. A bi-weekly bath and routine nail clipping are also a great way to allow him to look and feel his best.

French Bulldogs do best with set feeding times. Typically, two feedings twelve hours apart are what make this breed happy. The first six months of their life is an important stage for their physical and mental development, which is why proper nutrition through high-quality dog food is so important. Never forget about taking care of your dog’s teeth via brushing and keeping his nails clipped.

  • The French Bulldog generally stands ten to twelve inches tall.
  • They weigh between twenty and thirty pounds.
  • This breed has an average life expectancy of ten to fifteen years.
  • Fact: This pup loves to play, but extra caution should be taken when he is around water. They do enjoy swimming but do not swim well.
  • Fact: The French Bulldog was created to be a toy-size version of the Bulldog.
  • Fact: This breed’s personality and demeanor make him one of the best lap dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although spaying or neutering is not compulsory, it is highly advisable to spay your French Bulldog. This will help to decrease its chances of getting certain kinds of cancer. It also prevents the risk of unwanted breeding between your French Bulldog and any nearby dog.

French Bulldogs have the potential to be aggressive. However, they are not usually aggressive unless they are trained that way. It is important to note that they may show aggression towards other dogs or smaller animals. Owners should watch out for signs of aggression and nip them in the bud.

With a proper diet and nutrition, French Bulldogs can live for up to eleven or thirteen years.

Yes. French Bulldogs can eat raw meat such as chicken, liver or kidney. They could also eat canned, dry food.

French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are quite similar but different at the same time. English bulldogs are bigger while the French Bulldog is considerably smaller. French Bulldogs also have upright pointy ears whereas the English breed has folded ears.

Just like all other breeds, French Bulldogs can get fleas. If they do get fleas, this can be solved by getting flea medicine or using a flea comb to get rid of the fleas.

French Bulldogs are very prone to separation anxiety. To curb this, owners can crate train their dogs or provide them with chew toys.

Crate training is one of the best ways to train your French Bulldog. It helps to create good and positive behavior in your Frenchie and could be a fun place for it to rest.

French Bulldogs are not the best option for kids. However, if they grow up surrounded by children, the risk could be lessened. They should not be left unsupervised around kids.

The French Bulldog is about 11 or 12 inches tall and weighs an average of 16-28 pounds.

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