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Reptile Supplies

Reptile Supplies

Your Reptile’s Required 4 Basic Needs

Petland offers valuable information on caring for your pet and choosing a pet that is right for you. Stop by one of our Petland stores and speak with one of our pet experts who will answer any questions you may have. Here you will find important information on meeting your pet’s four basic needs.

Behavioral Needs

  • Plastic or Live Plants – provides cover and niches, reduces stress and aggression
  • Driftwood, Vines & Branches – provides cover, niches and climbing, reduces stress and aggression
  • Plastic or Ceramic Caves – provides cover, niches and climbing, reduce stress and aggression
  • Natural-Looking Water Dish or Drip System – provides water in a familiar form

Maintenance Needs

  • Substrate – absorbs waste, keeps pet and cage clean, provides a hiding place
  • Litter Scoop – removes waste from substrate
  • Fresh Water Spray Bottle – provides humidity and drinking water for certain species
  • Book – additional information for ongoing care
  • Hand Sanitizer – cleans and disinfects hands after handling

Environmental Needs

  • Enclosure – provides a proper home for pets
  • Secure Top – keeps pet safely in enclosure
  • Light Fixture – for use of fluorescent & incandescent bulbs
  • Day Heat Bulb – ambient air temperature to keep animals active, provide heat gradient
  • Night Heat Bulb – maintains temperature without disrupting rest cycle
  • UV-B Bulb – allows for calcium absorption, must pass directly into animal, no glass, must be within 12 inches
  • Under Tank Heater – provides heat for digestion & basking (not a heat source for cage)
  • Thermometer – measure temperature & setup temperature gradient
  • Humidity Gauge – measure humidity levels

Nutritional Needs

  • Pellet or Frozen Food – supplement to live and fresh food
  • Vitamin/Calcium Supplement – balanced nutrition along with variety of diet
  • Nutritional Supplement – you are what you eat, so are reptiles
  • Calcium – to drench your crickets

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