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Dog Supplies & Accessories

Dog Supplies & Accessories

Your Puppy’s Required4 Basic Needs 

Petland offers valuable information on caring for your pet and choosing a pet that is right for you. Stop by one of our Petland stores and speak with one of our pet experts who will answer any questions you may have. Here you will find important information on meeting your pet’s four basic needs.

Behavioral Needs

  • Puppy Training Kennel – puppies are denning animals by nature, aids with housebreaking, eliminates destructive behavior
  • Housebreaking Aids – scented drops to attract puppies where to go
  • Puppy Treats – training and housebreaking rewards
  • Chew Toys – minimum of 6, puppies are teething
  • Collar or Harness – keeps puppy under control and safe, remove while puppy is in playpen
  • Leash – keeps puppy under control and safe
  • Training Resource Kit – includes an 800 number for professional consultation
  • Deterrents or Repellants – keeps puppy away from specific items and areas

Maintenance Needs

  • Shampoo – puppy shampoo, human shampoo has an inappropriate ph
  • Cologne – keeps puppy smelling clean and fresh between baths
  • Crème Rinse, Coat Conditioner – reduces tangling and matting on long hair breeds
  • Brush & Comb – removes dead hair from coat to reduce shedding
  • Shed Reducer – supplement to put on food to reduce shedding
  • Nail Clippers & File – keeps nails short and smooth
  • Styptic Powder – stops bleeding quickly if nail is cut too short
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush – helps eliminate bad breath and gum disease
  • Flea & Tick Product – prevents or treats fleas and ticks
  • Stain and Odor Remover – eliminates proteins in urine that attract the puppy back to the same area
  • Tear Stain Remover & Ear Cleaner – keeps around eyes and ears clean
  • Puppy Book – training information, breed information & instructions for ongoing care

Environmental Needs

  • Puppy Training Kennel – aids in housebreaking, puppies want to keep the area where they eat and sleep clean
  • Water Bottle – used in playpen to provide water and keep playpen neat
  • Food & Water Bowls – clean containers for puppy to eat/drink out of, stainless steel last the longest and are hard to tip over
  • Dog Tie-out & Tie-out Stake – keeps puppy safe in the yard
  • Dog Bed – puppy’s own place to sleep and rest
  • Identification Tag – if puppy becomes lost

Nutritional Needs

  • Premium Grade Puppy Food – ensures proper nutrition, quality ingredients, less stool volume, we feed and recommend
  • Appetite Stimulant – very important during environmental changes, assures puppies eat, combats hypoglycemia
  • Canned Puppy Food – entices teething puppies to eat

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